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How Picky Eaterz started ! 

Picky Eaterz first started with my oldest daughter. She was VERY picky and often only wanted Chicken nuggets, Cheese Pizza, and ice cream everyday.  I quickly saw the negative effects and knew something had to change. This led me to become obsessed with health research and how you really are what you eat. I discovered their was an actual epidemic with child obesity and malnutrition in children. Finding techniques to help my child have a proper nutrition became my new mission and the techniques worked. I saw positive results immediately from more energy, better confidence, healthy body weight, better grades, attitude and more. Shortly after I combined my research and skills and in June of 2015 Picky Eaterz was born. 

During my journey with my daughter, I experienced adult family members who became sick and I tried to help introduce a healthier diet but they struggled and some refused to give up certain foods due to habit, even when they knew it would improve their health. I realized food really is an addiction.


It's time to change our eating habits and it starts with the Parent leading the way. FOOD IS OUR MEDICINE and our goal is to improve the health, well-being and taste palates of many children now, while their young, thus creating a healthier lifestyle and better food choices into adulthood.  Take this journey with me and help make Picky Eaterz the go to place for your child nutrition options made fun!!!


"How do I get my kid to eat more fruits and veggies?,

By making it FUN!!! "



St. Louis, MO 





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