For Picky Eaterz

As a mom I know how important it is that kids get nutritional meals. When I learned that  baby food sits on the  store shelves for 1-3 years I was suprised and this inspired me to make a difference. That's how Picky Eaterz got started. I love knowing knowing each bite is helping your baby's brain and immune system develop and function properly. Starting Picky Eaterz,  I feel, is apart of my GOD given PURPOSE. ​


Does “mom-made”I mean you make it at home? Our purees are handcrafted by Paris, founder of Picky Eaterz and mother of 4.Our purees are created at our up to PAR commercial kitchen located on North Sarah in St.Louis, MO.

A happy baby with a full belly is our number one priority. However, we do not issue refunds if your baby doesn't like a certain purée. Just remember it could take up to 20 times for a baby to like a new food, so keep trying!

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