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Baby Food

Frequently Asked Questions

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Still have a few questions?

We've put together a few frequently asked questions about our services. If you think of anything else feel free to



Are your meals fresh?

Each week, we shop, prep and cook your babies meals using the same preparation methods you'd use at home. So skip the planning, shopping, chopping, steaming, slicing, boiling, baking. We NEVER use pre-processed purees like other baby brands. 
Our meals are freshly made and stay good in the fridge for 5 days, 3 months in the freezer and 24 hours once opened. 


Where do you produce your food?

We have two kitchens. For our Tower Groves farmer market, we use STL Foodworks kitchen, and for Our St. Louis County location (Brentwood Farmers Market), we use Chef Yo kitchen located in Florissant. 

What farmers market are you located?

SATURDAYS: Every Saturday starting in May, we will be located at Tower Groves Farmers Market in a big PIcky Eaterz tent. 

What size are the jars?

Your purees and blends will arrive in 4oz. BPA-Free, reusable Jars

Are your jars Microwavable and FREEZER SAFE?

Yes our BPA FREE jars are not only freezable, but if your baby is fussy and you’ve been busy and need to hurry up and feed your baby, you can throw our microwave safe jars into the microwave and microwave at least 15 secs at a time until you reach the desired warmth you and baby desire.

Are the brown bamboo tops Microwavable and FREEZER SAFE?

No, please do not microwave them. Remove the top and microwave the glass jar only. If frozen, thaw in a lukewarm or cold-water bath for 10 min first to help remove the lid. 

How to properly defrost with water after being frozen

IMPORTANT: DO NOT take out of the freezer and run the bottles under steaming hot water. Please remember to sit the jars in cold or lukewarm for 5-10 minutes before microwaving. DONT FORGET: Remove the bamboo top before microwaving. 

Is anything added to help the meals stay fresh longer?

No. We are proud to say that we do not use any preservatives or fillers. When we say freshly made, we mean it. All meals are good for up to 5 days, just as they would be if you made them in your own kitchen.

Are your meals plant based? 

Majority of our Babyblends are plant-based . Some of our meals contain chicken broth.  We've carefully designed the blends to ensure the meals are well balanced and nutritionally optimized for a baby's growing body. So while we don't use meat, many of our blends do contain plant protein from plant-based sources such as legumes, grains and seeds. 

Where do you deliver? 

We deliver to the local St.Louis area.( details coming soon)

What about food allergies?

We understand how intimidating it can be to introduce new foods to your baby.  And how fun and delicious it can be!

Did you know that research shows that introducing your baby to potentially allergenic foods like eggs, peanuts, milk, etc can help PREVENT food allergies by up to 80%?  

But with anything, we recommend talking to your pediatrician about introducing allergens early and often, especially if you have a history of severe allergens. This can help prevent your little one from experiencing your same nightmares.  Consistent communication with your child’s doctor is always a best practice.

Research shows that introducing your baby to potentially allergenic foods like peanuts, almonds, eggs, etc. can help PREVENT food allergies by up to 80%?  

We aim  to follow the science and research, and provide a diverse selection of  options for families.  Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, looking for early allergen introduction, or looking to avoid known food allergies -- we're here to help

When visiting our menu, you can choose Allergen Introduction meals.

How much food does my baby need each day?

Babies 4-6 months: time to introduce single-ingredient purees. Youir Baby will start with a few bites and gradually work his/her way up to 1 container per day. This is a fun time to try new foods, but it can also be frustrating when baby spits it out or refuses foods.  Be patient and know that this is normal.  Keep trying – it’s worth the effort! 
Babies 6-8 months:  2 meals per day will deliver 100% daily nutrition. 

Babies 8-12 months: 3 meals per day delivers 100% daily nutrition. 

Who is Dr. Sebi?

Sebi claimed that disease is a result of mucus and acidity in the body and argued that diseases cannot exist in an alkaline environment. His list of foods, which includes a variety of alkaline ingredients claims to detoxify the body of disease and restore alkalinity. The diet restricts animal products of any kind, and overall focuses on vegan eating, but with much stricter rules. For example, it restricts seedless fruits and only permits Sebi's approved list of "natural growing grains. We are all about balance. We provide a few lines of Dr.Sebi Alkaline approved meals to help restore alkalinity into our little one's bodies. 

How do I prepare the purées? 

Our meals are freshly made and stay good in the fridge for 5 days, 3 months in the freezer and 24 hours once opened. Our jars are BPA FREE, MICROWAVABLE and FREEZER SAFE. To freeze your jars, just place them in the freezer and, once you're ready to serve, let the jar defrost in the fridge and be sure to serve within 24 hours of unfreezing. For faster defrosting, you can microwave for about 15 sec at a time, until you come to the desired warmth you like. Alternatively, you can run the jar under warm water to unthaw 

Is your food cooked and ready to eat? 

Yes! Our food is fully cooked. All you have to do is thaw in the refrigerator overnight or pull it out of the freezer and microwave until heated through. Most of our meals can be ready to serve in under three minutes. 

My baby doesn't like some flavors?

Just like every habit that is hard. Consistency is key to achieve it. We focus on serving baby food that isn't always sweet. Studies show that 93% of children in the U.S aren't meeting daily vegetable intake, so we aim to focus on more veggie and bland flavor baby foods. Babies must be trained to love the taste of these flavors, so we expose them to the taste daily, in order to train them to love and know veggies and other unique flavors besides sweets all the time. Don't focus on the facial expressions, just keep giving it to baby over an over until they eat it. 

Do I get a refund if my baby doesn't like what I ordered? 

A happy baby with a full belly is our number one priority. However, we do not issue refunds if your baby doesn't like a certain purée. Just remember it could take up to 20 times for a baby to like a new food, so keep trying!

Does “mom-made”I mean you make it at home? 

Our purees are handcrafted by Paris, founder of Picky Eaterz and mother of 4. Our purees are created at our up to PAR commercial kitchen located on North Sarah in St.Louis, MO and Chef Yo kitchen in Florissant



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Is there a minimum number of kids needed to order daycare delivery from Picky Eaterz?

Child care centers and schools we cater to have a minimum capacity of 20 students, but due to Covid and capacity restrictions we are willing to take less. Just contact us for details.

Are your meals 100% organic?

We strive to use organic ingredients whenever possible.

Is there an additional charge for delivery?

Yes there is a custom flat fee which depends on the school location.

How do I know if Picky Eaterz is right for my daycare?

Switching a daycare food provider is easier than you might think, and we are here to help! Click the chat button or complete a form to get touch with us so that we may assist you with your decision.

How can I start?

If you are interested in bringing Picky Eaterz school catering to your child center, please email us  or fill out our contact form. After doing so, you will receieve a call from one of our dedicated team members that will help setup your first delivery, fast and easy.

Where can I find a daycare menu?

If you are already a client or parent at one of our schools, just email us and we'll send you a copy or you can check out a copy on our school catering page. 

Do we have to commit?

No, our schools have been more than happy so much so that they come back each month with no commitment or yearly contracts. The only thing we require is that once you sign up, you complete the month you signed up for and that's it! More details can be discussed during our initial call.   

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