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Food Type: Vegetable

Age Suggestion: 6 months +

Nutrition Rating: 

Poop Friendly: Yes

Common Allergen: No

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When can babies have carrots ?

Carrots may be introduced as soon as a baby is ready to start solids, which is generally around 6 months of age.

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Are carrots healthy

for babies?

Yes. Carrots contain fiber to aid digestion and vitamin B6, an essential nutrient to power the growth and development of a baby’s body. A carrot’s hidden superpower is its amazing amount of carotenoids, which are nutrients that convert to vitamin A in the body and support healthy vision.

It's a fact!

Carrots are often orange and sweet, but they weren’t always that way. The root vegetable originated in Southwest Asia, where humans initially harvested the carrot’s aromatic foliage and seeds as food and medicine. Eventually, people learned to eat the plant’s root as well, which was not orange, but yellow or purple, spindly in shape, and more bitter than the modern carrot. Humans brought the carrot around the world, eventually breeding new varieties in a rainbow of hues – red, gold, purple, white, and variations in between.

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