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Picky Eaterz main focus is picky eater prevention with children. Inspired by adults who refused to change their diet due to habit even in instances when they knew eating healthier would improve their health, made me realize unhealthy food is an addiction.  The inability and struggle to give up the very harmful thing you know will eventually hurt you. I realized this must be prevented and that means starting early. I took a look at myself as a MOM , and what I was feeding my daughter. I realized I fell into the trap. I don't know who came up with FRIED NUGGETS, FRIED FRIES, FRIED CORNDOGS, GREASY PIZZA AND CANDY, and declared this KID FOOD. But whoever did it, my kid was hooked. I took responsibility as a mother realizing , she couldn't eat this food if I didn't buy it. 

I set on a mission to give my daughter healthier meals and I failed. She declared veggies were NASTY LOL. From that moment I spent years studying picky eating and techniques. I used those techniques on my child and Picky Eaterz were born, as I also helped other moms along the journey and turned it into a business. With the addition of each child after, I discovered that we have to capture children while they are still in the womb.  I started them early and often with veggies and a variety of foods. IT WORKED! I eventually expanded to baby food and lactation products. 

let us take care of you

 Our purees, supplements and lactation products are handcrafted by Paris, founder of Picky Eaterz and mother of 4 in a certified commercial kitchen.  

I understand being a busy mom and wanting the best for our babies. That's why I do this full time! 

I want to help not just my children, but yours as well :)

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